Katy Rose Promises New Album In ’09 – Label Or Not

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialkatyrose) on Tuesday (January 6). The Los Angeles singer songwriter tells readers:

The holidays were stressful and not really worth half the trouble this year. They aren’t quite over for me yet as I have a depressing anniversary looming ahead. On my birthday ( the 27th) it will be the 5 year anniversary of when “Because I Can” was released in the States. In five years I have really been through hell and back while I’ve recorded upwards of 200 songs, only a couple of which have been released under a different name. One day I will write my memoirs and be sure to dedicate a solid chapter to how I’ve been so royally fu**ed by the music business. It’s really unbelievable…

I embark on this new year with more assets than I’ve ever had, though. There are a lot of interesting enterprises on my horizon and lots of really exciting music to make. I’m healthier (quit chain smoking!) and much more of a solid person than ever before.

And I promise you guys this:

If by the end of this year I do not have this record out with the backing of a label that believes in me and has the clout to fund a couple tours etc…, I’ll just release it myself.

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