Katy Rose Responds To Critics

Apparently pop newcomer has been hearing some criticism of late and lashed out on her official website’s journal last month. She writes, “The more successful one gets, the more anxious people are to knock them down. The green eyed monster that possesses beings in the depths of their jealousy and greed is more malicious than any other. This is a sad fact that I learned
very early on in life. ‘Everybody must get stoned,’ Bob Dylan sang in regards to- not drugs- but, all of the people out there that feel the urge to build you up just to knock you down. There are moments in time that I believe everyone is just on the edge of
their seats in anticipation for my inevitable demise. If people are going to love me or hate me, let them do so for my words. Let
me not be an object to squander and sell. never again will I just be a sex toy or a drug bunny. If you insist on judging, do not do so until you have truly read my words… lyrics… poetry…etc…Know that by being a coward and insulting behind my back, you only embarrass yourself. I may feel the brief pain as an old wound is opened; but I can take pain- and if it doesn’t kill me it will-in fact- make me stronger. I’m back in Los Angeles with unsteady feet and an overactive mind. Writing, writing, writing… in my own world. Dealing with life by simply not dealing.”

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