Katy Rose Working On Fourth Album Before Releasing Third

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialkatyrose) on Monday (April 13), talking about getting a Japanese release for her ‘Tangled But True’ album and work on her new album. Rose writes:

A new Japanese record label approached me a couple of months ago to release a third album over there. I’m happy to say that it looks as though I’ll be releasing “Tangled but True” (a record I finished quite some time ago and was forced to shelf for a while in lieu of other projects) over there soon. I’ve got a couple photo shoots set up for some fashion and music magazines over there. Asia has always been very kind and enthusiastic towards my music so I look forward to working over there very much.

All of that is easy and secondary, though, to my work on my newest album. That’s what really lights a fire under my ass and gets me going in the morning. While my producer (the incomparable Justin Gray) is away I’ve been trying to finish up the vocals on the 8 sassy songs we’ve already written so that when he returns we can create a couple new ones and finish the damn thing.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

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One thought on “Katy Rose Working On Fourth Album Before Releasing Third

  1. Kasha Regan says:

    I was wondering when the album by Katy Rose “Tangled But True” is gonna be released.. I can’t find it anywhere and have been waiting for a while to buy it. Is Katy Rose still making music?

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