Keanu Reeves Hooks Up With Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The Sun reports Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been spotted out with actor Keanu Reeves. The pair were introduced when their paths crossed in Sydney, Australia, and decided to get to know each other over dinner at the plush Catalina restaurant. Keanu is in Oz filming the new ‘Matrix’ sequel ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, while Sophie is there to promote her album ‘Read My Lips’.

Sophie Gets Back At Australia’s Fox FM For Misspelt Name

July 22, 2002 – The Mirror reports Sophie Ellis-Bextor got sweet revenge against Fox FM when the station misspelt her name as “Baxter” on tickets to an exclusive gig in Australia sponsored by the station. Sophie deliberately thanked Melbourne station Radio Nova many times, the arch rival to Radio Fox FM. She said afterwards, “Don’t worry, they’ll edit this out before it goes to air.”

Ronan And Sophie Draw Over 600 At New Zealand Signing

July 20, 2002 – The New Zealand Herald reports recent meet and greets with fans in New Zealand by Ronan Keating and Sophie Ellis-Bextor drew over 600 fans, though each had a distinct demographic. Keating attracted mainly women aged between 20 and 50, while Ellis-Bextor’s fans included a lot of gay men, said one of her minders, “and a few cute straight ones”.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Anything But Stylish Down Under

July 11, 2002 – The Sun has a photo of Sophie from an appearance on Australian TV which has her looking more like a waitress than the chic beauty of pop. One Aussie TV worker said, “I thought she was supposed to be a stylish Sheila but she looked as though she had come straight from working at a diner.”

Sopie Ellis-Bextor Clears Up Rumors

July 6, 2002 – Cathrin Schaer of the New Zealand Herald caught up with to have her clear up some of the rumors that have been floated around about her. Sophie denied being pregnant, or having any thoughts on posing for Playboy. As for the rumor she’d be the next Bond girl, Sophie admits she met the casting director of the new Bond film, Die Another Day, but she also decided that none of the parts were suitable for her. There was some truth to the beef has with her though, likely inspired by jealousy of her dominance when the two met head to head in the pop charts.

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