Kearns Addresses Her Censoring Of Christina Aguilera Photos

Shelly Kearns responded to fan inquiries about why the photos of at the Lotta fashion show were airbrushed by the official website after her see-thru bra clearly showed Aguilera’s nipples. Shelly said, “I personally called the webmasters and told them to either airbrush it out or remove the photo. Why? Because it seemed to be causing a fuss among enough people over an issue not important to fuss over. So I said ‘no biggie. We’ll fix it and everyone will be happy.'”

As for the rumors she dated Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl, she said, “We were as surprised as anyone else to hear about this Dave Grohl rumor. Christina’s never dated him…not even once! They met once when Christina was recording in the same building as Dave, but that’s about it.”

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