Kellie Pickler Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Kellie Pickler visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Friday (April 28) two days after she was voted off ‘American Idol’. Pickler talked about the show’s song themes, marrying for a new MTV series, calamari, and Kimmel gave the “naughty little minx” her first mink. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jimmy: Please welcome, from North Carolina, little Kellie Pickler.

[ Cheers and applause ] Hi, Kelli, how are you?

Kellie: I’m good to go

Jimmy: You seem like you’re in good spirits.

Kellie: I’m good to go, literally.

Jimmy: You want to leave?

Kellie: No, not here.

Jimmy: I got you. What do you mean then, go good to go? I’m good to go, too, if you are.

Kellie: Where we going?

Jimmy: I don’t know, Chuck E. Cheese, wherever you want.

Kellie: Sounds good.

Jimmy: Are you relieved the pressure is now off in a way?

Kellie: Well, you know, I’m definitely not worried about next week’s theme.

Jimmy: What is next week’s theme?

Kellie: Um —

Jimmy: Pirates.

Kellie: Exactly. See, I’m kind of disappoint because I had my little patch and I’ve been practicing my arrgh.

Jimmy: You don’t have to do that. That’s a weird thing, the theme, because sometimes the themes are something you’re not comfortable with.

Kellie: You’re right. You have to make the best of it. I did.

Jimmy: I was hoping you’d win.

Kellie: Thank you.

Jimmy: Is it true — tell me if it’s true or false? Is it true mtv has asked you to marry Nick Lachey?

Kellie: Not that I know of.

Jimmy: If Nick asked you to marry him, would you marry him?

Kellie: I don’t even know him but I’ll never pass up a free meal.

Jimmy: Oh, is that right?

Kellie: Exactly.

Jimmy: Is that right? You can go out for some calamari or something.

Kellie: I might have to pass up that offer.

Jimmy: Did you try it or you were offered the calamari?

Kellie: Most horrible thing i ever tasted.

Jimmy: What kinds of foods do you like?

Kellie: I like southern fried foods like fried okra and fried chicken. And I like mashed potatoes. I know that’s not fried.

Jimmy: You can fry them.

Kellie: I’m sure you can fry them though.

Jimmy: Sure, put the whole thing. We’re not going to catch you in 20 years and you’ll weigh 800 pounds, are we?

Kellie: I just might.

Jimmy: You never know.

Kellie: Who knows.

Jimmy: You’ve experienced a lot of new things since you’ve been out here. We have a little reel. You said some things that a lot of people think you were faking and pretending to be more naive than you are.

Kellie: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: That’s not true, is it?

Kellie: Huh-uh.

Jimmy: Here’s Kellie in action from “American Idol.”

Jimmy: You said a lot of good things.

Kellie: I never understood what he says because we have this thing that we call an accent and —

Jimmy: Right. You hadn’t heard of minx before though?

Kellie: I thought he called me an mink to start with. I know that’s like a jacket, right?

Jimmy: Yeah, right. Actually, we got you —

[ Laughter ] Where is it? Oh, we got you a little present. You know, mink is not necessarily a jacket. It’s a little mink stole.

Kellie: I get to keep it?

Jimmy: You can keep it.

Kellie: My first mink.

Jimmy: People of Peta are going to be furious. Be careful if you go on the red carpet —

Kellie: People of who?

Jimmy: Peta, do you know those people?

Kellie: Huh-uh.

Jimmy: Then don’t worry about it. So, Kellie, what is your plan now? I know you have probably a lot of offers. You’re probably going to make a record. What do you do right now? Next week for instance?

Kellie: Next week, uh, press, media, and, you know, we’ve got the album coming out so we’re working really hard on that.

Jimmy: Who is, you and Simon or you and Ryan? Who’s working on that thing?

Kellie: You and i are.

Jimmy: Oh, we are? I’d be happy to do it with you. I sing with Regis sometimes.

Kellie: Really?

Jimmy: You know him, right?

Kellie: Of course.

Jimmy: There we go.

Kellie: No, all of us, the top 12, we’re working on the album and the tour’s coming up soon so we’ve got our work cut out for us for the next few months.

Jimmy: Who’s your best friend as far as the finalists that remain? Who do you hang around with?

Kellie: Well, you know, Katharine and I were roommates. Well, we were roommates until I got the boot.

Jimmy: They make you leave the house?

Kellie: Yeah.

Jimmy: She’s got the place to herself now?

Kellie: Yeah, she’ll probably move with Paris now — well, actually, she is with Paris now.

Jimmy: They double up, don’t even —

Kellie: Save money, you know?


Jimmy: Really, wow.

Kellie: We got real close because we were roommates starting out at top 24. Think we all became like family because we all lived together and eat and breathed together and we’re going to tour together so I’m looking forward to it.

Jimmy: All right, so you won’t — really, it doesn’t matter who wins, does it?

Kellie: Yeah it does matter.

Jimmy: Oh it does? But not that much because everyone wind up a winner. What about that little Kevin Covais? Is he going to be on the tour?

Kellie: He’s so cute. He made top 12, right?

Jimmy: I think so.

Kellie: So he will be with he’s so cute, isn’t he?

Jimmy: He’s adorable, yeah. It gets down to the end, will the contestants be for the to live — if it’s a boy and a girl, will they be forced to live together?

Kellie: I don’t think they’ll do that.

Jimmy: I wonder now if Clay and Ruben were living to the and we didn’t know about it. Probably.

Jimmy: A bombshell. When you record an album, come back and sing for us.

Kellie: I sure will, if you’ll have me.

Jimmy: Great to meet you. Kellie Pickler, everybody

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