Kelly Clarkson ‘All I Ever Wanted’ Tracklist

Kelly Clarkson 'All I Ever Wanted'

has announced the tracklisting for her fourth studio album ‘All I Ever Wanted’, which comes out March 10th via RCA Records.
1. My Life Would Suck Without You
2. I Do Not Hook Up
3. Cry
4. Don’t Let Me Stop You
5. All I Ever Wanted
6. Already Gone
7. If I Can’t Have You
8. Save You
9. Whyyawannabringmedown
10. Long Shot
11. Impossible
12. Ready
13. I Want You
14. If No One Will Listen

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson ‘All I Ever Wanted’ Tracklist

  1. kory says:

    ya…….. is this 100% official?????? and I can’t wait till it comes out!!! yay!!

  2. popdirt says:

    it was posted at her official web site yesterday, so yes it’s official.

  3. ashlee says:

    AWESOME ALBUM its really my absolute favorite!

  4. carolyn says:

    Just downloaded this album. her voice never ceases to amaze me. (:

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