Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Want A Genre Label

Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer caught up with ‘American Idol’ Kelly Clarkson, who gave a long winded answer about where she considers herself in music genres. “I don’t consider myself pop; I don’t consider myself R&B,” she explained. “I don’t really consider myself anything. I consider myself just and making my own style of music. People are going to label it this and label it that, and if that suits them, then that’s fine. People ask me what kind of genre do I want to sing in. I want to sing my genre. Entering [the recording studio] was a little difficult, because no one’s really come in contact with someone like me. RCA blatantly said that. They’re like, ‘We’ve never really come in contact with someone who wanted to do so much on one CD.’ And I kinda had a little leeway because I already had a fan base, and they apparently liked what I did on the show, and I sang everything… I went ahead and pushed. I didn’t want to be an artist to come out on my second album and say, ‘This is really a representation of me; they made me do this on the first one.’ I didn’t really want to have to be put through that because that’s awful to do something you didn’t want to do. I will never do that. I wouldn’t have come out with a CD, I would rather not. My thing with making music is to never let someone push me around and say this is what I need to do or have to do, because there’s nothing I need or have to do, and I think I proved that on the show.”

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