Kelly Clarkson Has Too Much Junk In The Trunk

Blender magazine quizzed ‘American Idol’ winner and asked her if she could change one thing about her body, what would it be. “My big booty,” she said. “I have the biggest butt. It’s just not right. It’s hard to shop for pants – they’ll fit me perfectly in the butt, but then the waist is four inches too big. I’m Greek, so we have pretty big booties in my family.”

Gets A Homecoming Welcome Monday

November 24, 2002 – Kelly will be coming home to Burleson, on Monday (November 25), and the town will hold a special homecoming to celebrate her success at Burleson’s new athletic facility, Elk Stadium beginning at 5:30 PM. The celebration is not a Kelly Clarkson concert, she is resting her voice for upcoming studio recordings and will not be singing at this event, but she will have an opportunity to speak to the crowd in attendance.

Kelly Clarkson Has At Least One New Track Down

November 6, 2002 – Contributed by dum_BLONDE: Kelly, in a recent interview with, reported that she has one track recorded for her album, scheduled to be released in late 2003. The song called, ‘Some Kind of Miracle’ was written by famed songwriter Diane Warren who is famous for her power ballad smash-hit singles, and the track was produced by Rhett Lawrence. According to Kelly, “You can’t get a better team than that!”

Kelly Clarkson’s Debut Album Delayed Again

November 5, 2002 – Contributed by dum_BLONDE: It was recently announced that Kelly’s debut album would be postponed until March 2003. In the last few days, her publicists have now hinted that it should drop in the third or fourth quarter of 2003.

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