Kelly Clarkson In New York With No Makeup

‘American Idol’ season one champ was spotted out and about in New York City recently, where the 25-year-old was dressed in a black coat, black jeans, and a black Salvation Army t-shirt carrying a Barneys New York shopping bag.

Pictures of the makeup-free singer at have since been removed.

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One thought on “Kelly Clarkson In New York With No Makeup

  1. kyliez says:

    THIS is what she actually looks like, and I am sick of seeing all the air brushed pictures in every single magazine. I’d like to borrow the photographer! That said, she COULD have looked a LITTLE better. I don’t know anyone who would go out like this. She is not entering a beauty contest any time soon, so her below par looks should not matter as much as they seem to. If her voice is less than stellar, then judge her on that. I don’t care for her anymore, as I realize the “girl next door act” was not the real Kelly, but to totally doctor all her pics is ridiculous. They fool no one.

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