Kelly Clarkson Is Mariah Carey With Patsy Cline Charm

Extra TV profiled Kelly Clarkson of ‘American Idol’ and spoke with her hometown pals and Simon Cowell. Asked to describe the singer, Cowell said, “Kelly reminds me of with a Patsy Cline charm. If that makes any sense.”

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9 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Is Mariah Carey With Patsy Cline Charm

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    Mariah may be talented but I think Kelly is soooo much better because she’s really down to earth and a total sweetie. Mariah’s just a troubled head case…I hope Kelly wins though!

    She better win!! Otherwise we’ll know for SURE that this all really is a scam because there’s no way in hell afro-boy and nikki “screech” mckibbin have anywhere near as good a voice as Kelly!

  2. jimmyp says:

    Guys none of these clowns are going to be big stars so get over it. Mariah Carey is ten times better than any clown on Idol just for the simple fact she has SONGS to sing that are good.

  3. tookute2btrue says:

    I totally disagree with that jimmyp guy!!! I mean at least Kelly doesn’t have races like mariya!! mariya is races against Asians well i am races against Mariya Carey!

  4. Loverboy says:

    Mariah is so not racist! Where on earth did you get that from? You are the one who is racist! Get your facts right instead of reading from trash sources! And also, learn how to write!

  5. tofachino says:

    who told you that she’s racist against Asians .. !!! She LOVES Asia .. and always talking about Japan and her Japanese fans .. YOU ARE STUPID POOR LIAR !!!!! and by the way she is incomparable .. !

  6. joxe says:


    Are you a kindergarten you can’t even spell Mariah, you kept on typing Mariya!

    Your comment is as stupid as you! If you hate MARIAH remember the spelling dumb head, then you have a major issues in your head, she, MARIAH ain’t done anything wrong on you! So why keep on hatin’? I think your just jealous of her!

    First she’s not a racist, hello if she’s a racist Japanese won’t embrace her, won’t love her so much! If she’s a racist she won’t come to Asia to perform concerts, to meet the fans, where did you get the crap? In your dumb brain!

    And by the way the correct spelling of races is RACIST! Stupid! Oh, yeah you said you’re a racist? Tsk, tsk, tsk! If you are a racist then you don’t have to drag MARIAH into your personal problem being a racist and don’t you ever tell that to us because you can’t convince us that she’s a racist! She used to feel an outsider because people are against her being mixed, she was treated unfairly by the real racist like you! So if you think that she’s a racist, she is not, she hates racist, because her family is a victim of such!

    I thought you’re cute and miss perfect? when a simple words like MARIAH and RACIST you can’t even remember the right spelling! i pity you!

    So if you will just hate MARIAH, try to remember the correct spelling of her name!

    to dum_BLONDE:

    you have an issue too! you could say that kelly is a down to earth FOR NOW because she’s not a huge star yet! why don’t you sit back and wait till she have millions in her head!
    Have you met Kelly? I think you’re a fan of hers or a very close friend because you describe her as if you know her for so long! Don’t believe on what you see till you known the person personally!

    How can you tell that Mariah is not a down to earth person, have you met her? Have you spent your time with her? As far as I know people in the business, says that Mariah is a very down to earth, a very sweet person, funny and many good things to describe her!

    Troubled head case? How can you say that? because she had her breakdown last year? Do you believe all those gossips that you’re reading on the tabloids? Poor you!

    How can you compare two different people? You have the right to compare Kelly and Mariah, IF you have known them personally but then if not just keep your mouth shut!


  7. Danisha says:


    Have any of you Kelly butt kissers ever even
    heard a Mariah album or are you just going by the poppy singles?

    Mariah Carey is one of the great vocalists of our time, while Kelly does have a little range, it’s NOWHERE near Ms. Carey. And might I add that Mariah writes and produces her OWN songs, unlike the winner of “American Idol,” who will sing what they’re told to sing!

    Don’t get sh*t twisted, while Kelly CAN sing, she’s soooo NOT in Mariah’s league.

    Hell, she’s not even the most talented contestant. EVERYONE with eardrums knows that Tamyra should’ve won the whole damn thing. Kelly can sing, but she’s NOT the end all be all.

    And one last thing–That “Patsy Cline charm” bull is garbage and spin. If she truly is as
    Pollyanna as she’s coming off, she doesn’t stand a chance in this business!

    I’m NO Justin fan (and when I say Justin I mean ANY Justin, pick a Justin) BUT I do think it’s cool he won’t shave off the fro for the jerks who feel somewhat “threatened” by it. Afros are beautiful!!!! Screw the racist a-holes who don’t get it!

  8. dum_BLONDE says:

    First off, take a chill pill, no need to get all emotional or whatever. I have issues?! You’re the one freaking out over nothing, but that’s your problem, not mine. As far as what you said about my comments; do I know you?! NO! So I will say what I want to say, and when I want to say it. You shouldn’t make such a big deal over nothing. Ever heard of sarcasm? Jesus.

    As a matter of fact, I own three of Mariah’s albums. I do agree that she has an amazing voice and great range, but I just prefer Kelly. That’s my decision, not yours. Haven’t you ever heard of an opinion?! Yeah, well I will say what I want, and you will say what you want. Just because you go on some rampage trying to correct me is not gonna change my opinions on Mariah’s attitude. I don’t get a good vibe from her and I trust my instincts because they’re usually right. So if you’re some obsessive Mariah-hugger, that’s your problem, and I don’t wanna hear about it.

  9. Izzy says:


    I must say there is nothing more irritating than typos but before you bash people on this board for their writing skills you may want to re-read your post. It is not only redundant (how many freakin’ times can you say Mariah in one paragraph? it’s riddled with grammatical errors. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but let’s try to stay on the topic and not insult people for their English skills, or lack thereof.

    Mariah Carey has been in the business for a long time. She has had a lot of vocal training/exercise. Kelly is most definitely in Mariah’s vocal range and now that she is performing in front of a microphone and in a studio she will not doubt blow Mariah out of the water once she learns the ropes. The difference between Mariah and Kelly is that Kelly really seems to enjoy singing. She puts her heart and soul into the songs she sings. Mariah sings for the attention. Granted she does have a killer voice but she seems to have lost quality.

    Bottom line: the sky is the limit for Kelly.

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