Kelly Clarkson Is Most Talented ‘Idol’ Champ

Kelly Clarkson is the most talented artist to be crowned ‘American Idol’, according to a poll. The winner of the inaugural Fox television talent competition was favored by a wide margin, taking 71% of 11,529 votes. Fantasia Barrino, the latest ‘Idol’ winner, was runner-up to Clarkson, getting 22% of the vote. Ruben Studdard, received only 7% of the votes.

Matt Rogers Campaign’s To Join ‘Idol’ Tour

June 7, 2004 – Rancho Cucamonga Voice reports ‘American Idol’ finalist Matt Rogers is asking people to petition for his inclusion on the ‘American Idols Live’ summer tour, since the show decided to pass on his participation. “John Stevens had whole states and whole schools voting for him numerous times,” Roger complained. “Jasmine [Trias] had a whole island voting for her, if you know what I mean. It’s just whoever pulls the most votes in.” Rogers admitted, “I feel kind of like a reject, since I got voted off 11th, but it’s good to know I still have support.”

Cowell: Fantasia’s Win Over Diana Essential For ‘Idol’

June 6, 2004 – Simon Cowell tells TV Guide Online he felt Fantasia Barrino’s victory over Diana DeGarmo was essential to the ‘American Idol’ franchise. “That’s why I was quite bullish in saying I thought Fantasia would win,” he explained. “I was praying Fantasia would win – because without huge record sales at the end, there’s no desire the following year to want to win this competition. I genuinely think she is the best yet. I really, really do.”

Kelly Clarkson Hopes To Record With Fantasia

June 6, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: MTV News reports Kelly has expressed an interest in recording and touring with the newest ‘American Idol’, Fantasia Barrino. “I was talking to Fantasia during rehearsals and we were saying it might be cool to tour together just ’cause we have kinda different vibes, but we still like the soul,” Clarkson said. “I’d love to do a song with her as well. She’s got so much grit and emotion in her voice. It’s beautiful.” Read more.

Texans Give Kelly Clarkson Rough Ride For Short Set

March 30, 2004 – Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times reports Folks in Austin, Texas, are still chuckling and shaking their heads about Kelly’s appearance at the Austin Rodeo last week. The singer gave what many thought was a shorter-than-advertised concert at the rodeo gig and made a laughable request that they do something about the smell at the cow filled venue.

Kelly Clarkson Visits Studio 104 In Houston

March 17, 2004 – Kelly stopped by the Miller Lite Studio 104 at 104 KRBE in Houston on Tuesday (March 16), before her performance at RodeoHouston to talk to Michele Fisher, and some lucky fans, about her tour, success and the new album she’s currently working on.

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