Kelly Clarkson On TRL Friday

After chatted with MTV Total Request Live host Damien, the ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson got her shot on the show. Kelly talked about how she’s been doing interviews non-stop since she’s won, and that her new album won’t be all slow ballads like her first single ‘A Moment Like This’ is. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: please welcome that winner miss Kelly Clarkson.


Damien: Get on up here, girl!


Damien: Congratulations.

Kelly: Yeah.

Damien: Way to go. Your public.

Kelly: Ha-ha.


Damien: Your new fans.

Kelly: Whewww.

Damien: They are cheerin’ for you, isn’t it crazy.

Kelly: It is.

Damien: Are you over it now i know the past week has been hectic.

Kelly: It has been hectic but, no, no never over it.

Damien:  No?

Kelly: No.

Damien: I think it is crazy over a hundred million votes were cast during the entire “American Idol” season that’s a lot of people Wednesday night you took the crown.

Kelly: The crown has, has, wave.

Damien: What did you do Wednesday night what did you do to celebrate, anything great or spectacular we should know about some.

Kelly: No actually after the show I’ve been doin’ like non-stop kinda press stuff. It is fun i actually enjoy interviewing but got to see my mom like 5 minutes.

Damien: Hectic. You were on Leno last night i saw that.

Kelly: With the Dixie Chicks and Jimmy Fallon.

Damien: How is he.

Kelly: Like this., So fun.

Damien: Awesome. L about how you like o a, you didn’t even enter to be in the contest.

Kelly: No actually my best friend Jessica did, yeah, she signed up.


[Talking simultaneously]

Damien: She signed you up?

Kelly: Yeah. I just showed up the next morning. I had actually driven from L.A., 26 ‘hour drive and stayed up with her and tried out that morning

Damien: What are you buying her, that’s the question?

Kelly: I’m buying her dream car ’69 Corvette.

Damien: Are you serious?!

Kelly: Yeah.

Damien: Damn. I need friends like that. More with Kelly after this your “American Idol” give her love guys here is BBMak “out of my heart” up to 6 on TRL with Kelly


Damien: BBmak “out of my heart” no. 6. Up two from yesterday I’m here with “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson very good job congratulations again.

Kelly: Thank you.

Damien: Your first single “a moment like this” you sang it Wednesday when you won you kinda broke up in the middle of it.

Kelly: I did. I know.

Damien: I can’t believe they made you sing it after you won.

Kelly: I know. I’m never going to get through that. I can’t even talk let alone sing when i cry.

Damien: September 17th the single is out.

Kelly: 17th.

Damien: 17th action okay you can believe you are already putting out a single.

Kelly: Isn’t that weird. Yeah. It is all happening but okay i like it.

Damien: A ballad, slow lovely kinda ballad.

Kelly: Ahh.

Damien: Is the whole album like that.

Kelly: No. No. No. A lot of versatility.

Damien: What kind of music?

Kelly: It’s going to be a bunch of different things. I don’t want to do that.

Damien: Not let it out yet.

Kelly: No, no, no.

Damien: The guy from European “American Idol” broke out these sorts of selling records. This could happen you to.

Kelly: That would be cool. That would be —

Damien: That’s cool right?

Kelly: Yeah. Totally in support of this.

Damien: The next you never know. It could be possible.

Kelly: Never know.

Damien: More with kelly back to your requests, Britney just hit 40 days on TRL that’s big holdin’ strong mid-point on your counsel down here is “boys” with Kelly Clarkson on TRL


Damien: No. 5 Britney and Pharelle, “boys” one question thern to a “holla back”. One more question for you.

Damien: Cool beans your album is comin’ out.

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Damien: Have you — do you have a cover art, a name for it yet?

Kelly: No. No. No we haven’t done — I’m fixin’ to go on vacation for days and not worrying about it until i get back then all of that.

Damien: You may want to look at this an ponder this.

Kelly: Okay. Get ideas.

Damien: The staff, the crack staff here at TRL has come up with a cover.

Kelly: Okay I’m worried, okay.

Damien: For Kelly’s album. You want to take a peek take a peek at the monitors check it out what do you think.

Kelly: Where is it at.

Damien: Kellyville band-aid on the cheek. You are feelin’ that.

Kelly: Yeah. No, not really that doesn’t suite.E.

Damien: She’s honest folks

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