Kelly Clarkson To Co-Host On TRL

‘American Idol’ champ will be co-hosting MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday (August 27).

Kelly Clarkson’s Next Single May Be Reunion With Tamyra Gray

August 23, 2003 – When asked at the Teen Choice Awards how Kelly would follow up her latest single ‘Low,’ she answered, “I really hope that maybe ‘You Thought Wrong’ will come out, the one with Tamyra [Gray]. … I really like that song, and it would be fun to perform.” Clarkson’s spokesperson said nothing is official, though Clarkson has been pushing for the release since ‘Thankful’ came out. Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson To Co-Host On TRL

  1. hotstuff says:

    Miss Independent is overplayed and it sucks ass when heard live. Low sounds pretty decent but then again, Kelly’s management probably made sure that all the songs on the album were sure-fire radio hits just to b on the safe side.

  2. feeling_beautiful says:

    That’s kind of the point of making an album. They want people to listen to it and they want them to like it.

  3. hotstuff says:

    ^^yeah but to stick on the safe side 4ever would show that you have no evolution as an artist. I hope that with her next album she tries different flares and hopefully her songs wont always b what you expect to hear on the radio, like the mainstream stuff. I know the girl is pop but could you ever imagine her being heard on a hip hop station or rock station. no because her songs are boring and mediocre.

  4. VOLCOMchik says:

    Kelly is the sh** and you guys need to stop hating on her. She sings better than you ever will. And she’s hotter than you’ll ever be.

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