Kelly Clarkson’s Diet Change Leads To Slim Figure

How did ‘American Idol’ season one champ slim down so much in the past few months? A spokesman for the singer tells In Touch magazine, “She’s not exercising, and she hasn’t hired a trainer, she’s just eating right. She’s eating a healthy, balanced plan.” That plan includes plenty of turkey and chicken, while Clarkson has cut down on bread and junk food.

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson’s Diet Change Leads To Slim Figure

  1. nikibri says:

    I saw her new video and I think she actually looks too skinny! She looked good the other way. I never looked at her and thought she was fat or anything. Being healthy is good and all but not everyone has to be skin and bones!

  2. kim saylor says:

    kelly the good work diets if you lose weight to. you can help me .please do it lose

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