Kelly Clarkson’s Unhealthy Looking Tongue

showed off a yellow tongue as she posed with a fan outside the GMTV studios in London, England on Sunday (June 7). Check out pictures from Just Jared.

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson’s Unhealthy Looking Tongue

  1. casey says:

    Ha ha! are you serious? was this sarcastic? please tell me it was! that is absolutely ridiculous! it is probably from candy or something…there is no telling…but I highly doubt it is worth worrying about….lol

  2. Kevin says:

    OMG and this is “news”, lmao. Must be slow in the news dept lately. I agree with the above poster. She probably just had candy or coffee or something. How unhealthy. 1st her weight is unhealthy, now her tongue..give me a break. How bout reporting about her fabulous CD?

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