Kelly Obourne Changes Her Tune On Britney Spears

‘The Osbournes’ star Kelly Osbourne tells the new Interview magazine that she has a new empathy with Britney Spears. Kelly admits, “I used to think, ‘Why the fu** is she complaining? She has everything she wants! What a brat!’ But I do think it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world.”

Kelly’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ Unlike The Original

Ozzy’s daughter Kelly Osbourne spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her decision to cover ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ with the guys from Incubus for her recording debut. Kelly said, “Everyone loves Madonna. I don’t think there’s one person in the world that doesn’t know a Madonna song.” As for the song, she revealed, “It was actually my sister [Aimee] that chose it. It sounds very different from the original version!”

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