Kelly Osbourne Blasts Willa Ford, Exposes Justin Timberlake

Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine spoke with Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly who weighed in on the and Justin Timberlake split. Kelly revealed of the *NSYNC star, “I just saw him at a club fooling around with another girl.” As for Willa Ford, she blasted, “I bleeping can’t stand her! The only reason she has any career at all is because she bleeped a kid from the Backstreet Boys.”

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5 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Blasts Willa Ford, Exposes Justin Timberlake

  1. Syndney says:

    Go KELLY… tell it how it is. I don’t think Kelly is getting a record deal because of her father. It’s her older sister that is into singing not Kelly.

    This is funny her points make sense especially regarding one artist that was the opening act for a group.

  2. AguiLeraFatOne says:

    She didn’t get a record deal. she’s recording one song for the soundtrack to the tv show, and she’s only doing it because her mom asked her to. She even admitted that she can’t sing that well.

    …now if only Willa would do that.

  3. ckj says:

    To all those damn critics the Osbournes rock and just because Kelly and Jack don’t seem like the average teenagers at least they are not pregnant and totally on drugs. I think the Osbournes have raised good outspoken, don’t give a crap what you think children. Now that is what I call good parenting. YOU GO OSBOURNES!!!! ha ha Justin you go busted

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I totally agree with you! I expected to hate the show and caught myself watching 3 episodes before I HAD to leave the house today. They completely rock and I love how they speak their minds. The kids are encouraged to be individuals. This is how it SHOULD be!

    Awesome show. Too bad it’s only 6 months worth of filming.

  5. anonymus says:

    And the only reason that Kelly Osbourne has a career is the daughter of who is spending the day in addition to criticizing and putting in circles around the world. What a piece is done!

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