Kelly Osbourne Breaks Up Fist Fight

Ted Casablanca of E! Online reports that just before Sharon Osbourne got into her own fight with a Hollywood agent, her daughter Kelly Osbourne was breaking one up while on stage at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. While Ozzy and Sharon admired their daughter perform, Kelly suddenly dove off the stage and tried to break up a fist fight, which had suddenly–and unnervingly–interrupted the show. She screamed, “Why you gotta do that?”

Kelly Osbourne Calls Attack On Mother ‘Disgusting’

Kelly Osbourne went on Access Hollywood on Monday to talk about her mother’s brawl with Hollywood agent Renee Tab. “All I know is that this girl did punch my mom, and my mom does have a huge, black face,” she said. “I think it’s disgusting. I don’t think women should ever hit each other, you know? It’s one thing if you slap and pull, but to actually punch another woman in the face. It’s disgusting.”

Kelly Osbourne Defies Sculpted & Airbrushed Divas

A writer in Bust magazine recently applauded Kelly Osbourne for being a genuine role model – physically and emotionally – for teens amid a sea of sculpted, airbrushed and charm-schooled divas. True? “I agree that there’s a lack of independence and realism in the music industry,” she tells Timothy Finn of Knight Ridder. “Everyone does what they’re told and has someone teach them how to answer questions and tell them what to say and what not to say. I don’t ever want to put myself in a world where I have to deny things about myself that I know are true and then have to explain myself later when people find out it’s true.”

Kelly Osbourne Hates Everyone Before She Meets Them

Kelly Osbourne took part in a 20 questions segment with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. What doesn’t she say often enough? “That I like something,” Kelly admitted. “I’m too hard on everything.” What is the trait she most deplores about herself? “I hate everyone before I meet them, straightaway.”

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