Kelly Osbourne Busted After Drug Score

News of the World had photos, since removed, of scoring drugs from a dealer in Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, on Monday that prompted Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to send the 19-year-old into rehab at Promises clinic in Malibu and announce the move on ‘Larry King Live’ on Friday. They report a stash of 500 OxyContin tablets were found under her bed.

Don’t Leave Home Without It,

Happy shopper Kelly Osbourne, brandishing an American Express Card, enjoyed a day out with her friends in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (March 25). Sporting a new lip Piercing, the wild child of rocker Ozzy Osbourne shopped till she dropped.

Osbourne Family Attends Elton’s Vegas Birthday Bash

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Sharon, Jack, Ozzy, and were among those at a small private party marking Elton John’s 57th birthday on Thursday night in his penthouse suite at Caesars Palace. From there, Jack and Kelly went on to OPM, the nightclub at the Forum Shops at Caesars, for the birthday bash of Jeff Beacher, ‘Comedy Madhouse’ host.

Kelly Osbourne Nervous In Acting Debut

Star magazine reports that while on the set of the ABC pilot ‘Doing It’ in Vancouver, Kelly Osbourne was “nervous about her acting debut”, according to a source. The daughter of Ozzy barely ate during the first few days of production earlier this month, but other sources say she has been “very professional” and working hard to learn her lines and rehearse her scenes.

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Busted After Drug Score

  1. justanotheritch says:

    that’s too bad, you would think she would know better after seeing her dad, and brother experiences with drugs.

  2. popnicklover says:

    Kelly’s an idiot. You mean she didn’t learn after watching her brother and father go through drug abuse?

  3. xtina_rulz says:

    ^I know Kelly and Jack are both idiots. Their father is like a *****.in ape-walking, stuttering, kinda talking advert for not doin drugs yet what do they both do?

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