Kelly Osbourne Enjoys Her Christina Aguilera Voodoo Doll

Sources tell The Daily Mirror that keeps a voodoo doll of pop rival in her dressing room, where she delights in sticking pins in the effigy, throwing it around and stamping on its head. “Kelly’s obsessed with this doll,” a source close to the 19-year-old revealed. “She calls it her Christina Doll and every now and again she sticks a pin into it and shouts, ‘Scream, bitch’. She also stomps all over it then bursts into fits of laughter.” No word if Aguilera has trademarked Christina Aguilera voodoo dolls yet.

Update: A rep for denied the reality star and singer has a voodoo doll of pop rival Christina Aguilera, who she’s had a longtime feud with. A previous report suggested that Osbourne stuck pins in the Aguilera doll.

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9 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Enjoys Her Christina Aguilera Voodoo Doll

  1. popmaster167 says:

    lol,I’m starting to think Kelly’s got a thing for Christina. Personally,I think its a little stupid to spend so much time and anger on someone you don’t like or really know for that matter,but whatever floats her boat (and gets her publicity of course.

  2. Carrie says:

    Jeez. If I were Christina, I’d be hitting the Kabbalah center and wearing those red bands. She’s gonna need the spiritual protection.

  3. deviance says:

    Well now I finally understand what Kelly and Avril had in common. They both can’t sing, they both will be cracked out Betty Ford patients, oops sorry one was already, and without “bashing” of other celebrities that have been around longer, they wouldn’t get their name in the tabloids.

  4. weebongo says:

    Kelly might have a doll of Christina but that’s nothing compared to the doll Christina has of Britney. It’s not a small little one but a life size doll she made. Christina doesn’t stick pins in it but she thrusts her tongue all over it paying extra attention between the Britney dolls legs. We’ve all heard the countless examples of Christina’s obsession with Britney, to the endless interviews were she can’t help but bring Britney’s name up to wanting to kiss her at the Madonna VMA tribute. Hopefully the doll will be enough to tame Christina’s eternal obsession with Britney.

  5. Gimmeabreak says:

    c’mon now kelly…voodoo dolls are ugly enough without making one of that putrid disgusting fool…just beat the hell out of her next time you see her…that way you can hear the b!tch scream personally.

  6. Sophilos says:

    Erm, Britney does not go on about Christina idiot. Christina has ( read on)’, ‘said more crap about Britney fool. You are the last person to be saying that somebody is messed up in the head and need’s to get over their ‘fixation’ with anything. You need to recognize that Britney is not a flop because she is selling faster than Christina did in the 6th month of ITZ. Oh and her tour is more of a successful than Justified Stripped because Britney has already made $65 million and her tours not finished while Christina made $30 million, or that disaster of a summer tour which only sold out 40-60% of the seats!

  7. ko says:

    Idiot…Christina and Justin’s tour was sold out every day and they only had 40 days.’, ‘Brit on the other hand had 60-100% but not all were sold out. And if the J/S tour went on as long as Brits…I’m very sure they would make twice as much. Because they are better “live” artists.

    Wow this fat b*tch is really intimidated by Christina. She talks a lot of sh*t or else she would have done something when Christina went up to confront her a$$ by herself. The child had to blame her mother. What a coward. Yes a COWard!

  8. anti_social66 says:

    I have one question, why did Kelly call Christina a COW? that is incredible stupid. and Kelly needs to shut up or Christina is going to kick her ass again. if I was Christina I would go up to Kelly and punch the ***** out of her. she needs to shut her mouth seriously. and AVRIL too, she needs to shut up, and personally I think Britney could take Avril on, I think Britney is a WAY better performer/singer than Avril. BRITNEY and CHRISTINA know how to put on a show but Avril just stays there and tries to play guitar and piano and Kelly too she just runs around trying to sing. I think Kelly is pathetic and stupid. I also think Kelly is a lesbian seriously she is a little obsessed with Christina.

  9. blankgirl77 says:

    Well being that Kelly has known Christina since she was 10, I think she knows how Christina really is more than anyone on here. I dislike them both, but I think that at least Kelly is upfront. Christina seems to be the kind who is nice to the camera’s and a diva in real life. And lets face it…she is not the only person to complain about Christina’s attitude. Their are several celebrities and fan encounters that have stated how Christina was rude and has a diva attitude on her. And after all Christina did talk about Britney, pink, and Beyonce to the media which is why none of them like her either. So that’s a whole lot of people who actually know Christina, who don’t like her. And I will take their word on how she acts, over what I see on tv. They both take it too far and are both acting like spoiled brats to be honest. Kelly talked about Christina first, because apparently Christina backstage was screaming at some guy who worked for her like a b*tch(thats exactly how Kelly put it). But Christina was the one who started throwing darts at kelly’s picture. Which is about the same lever of childishness as having a voodoo doll. When Kelly talked about Christina however, it was in her own home at her own dinner table. Where as Christina took it too far throwing darts at her picture at an award show. And she is older than kelly. How sad they are.

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