Kelly Osbourne Feels Used By Bert McCracken reports remains convinced The Used frontman Bert McCracken dated her because he was only interested in generating publicity for his band. “I have such a black heart because of him. I truly hate him for leaving me like that and it’s so sad to hate,” Kelly admitted. “I’m torn between two feelings with him, whether he genuinely liked me for me but just couldn’t handle it or he dated me because he wanted to become more famous. Sadly, the signs are more pointing towards the fame side. I think if I was to come face-to-face with him now I wouldn’t know whether to cry, hug him or punch his lights out – he just really fu**ed me up.”

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9 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Feels Used By Bert McCracken

  1. moniaboo says:

    and once again I’m gonna say it I LIKE HER, I like this fat cow

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    Yeah, that wasn’t cool of him. I think he used her for the fame too. Not cool. I never really liked him to begin with. I like her though.

  3. getalifeyall says:

    How do you use someone who isn’t famous for fame?

  4. babyface0192 says:

    not trying to be mean but they were good for each other they are both ugly and have no talnted

  5. Hotstar says:

    I don’t like her but despite having achieved nothing she is famous, but for how long?

    I don’t know why she is so pissed, this guy’s career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and let’s face it dating Kelly Osbourne probably ruined whatever credibility the band had. All I know is he was ugly as hell, even worse than her. She should be glad she isn’t with him anymore.

  6. LuckyThirteen says:

    Bert is too good for her. It’s funny how non of the other members of the band even liked her. Bert and the Used will go on being successful (And yes, they are very successful in their own genre.).

    The Used is actually really successful. It’s evident that you don’t know ***** about other genres of music. Success does not mean you are selling Pepsi and selling albums millions at a time. Most Used fans hate Kelly Osbourne anyway. If anything she used Bert and now she’s using Rob Aston.

  7. MistySl says:

    Ms. Attitude Kelly, sweetie, you are a true mess. You look a mess, your spoiled-rotten, and you take for granted all the gifts you have. Here’s the advice ya mule. Lose some weight, remove the white face paint, drop the wigs and learn to love and respect yourself. Be glad you have a music career and if they tell you to sing and tour do it without throwing a fit. Until then, you’ll be continued to be pimped.

  8. Hotstar says:

    ^ Think again dumbass, AT not-so-Luckythirteen’, ‘ First off dumbass, you don’t know me. If you knew you would know that I know a hell of a lot about other genres. As far the Used go, no dumbass they are not that successful. They are a psuedo-punk band that is riding the f-cking emo bandwagon. They have not accomplished anything and your dumbass talks you would think the Used were the White Stripes. Their last album sold ok but nothing impressive and certainly nothing to justify them being called “famous”. If they are so successful why no major magazines covers and why do they get almost no press outside of the US. So point is…. f-ck you and your dumbass, cause you don’t know me.

    No they aren’t and stop talking bull*****. Their genre is rock and they are nobodies’, ‘ Yeah maybe if you only count emo or pseudo punk as a genre,,,but in rock overall they are not that successful yet.

  9. meteora says:

    Kelly, you are a dumbass, of course he went out with you for fame. Why else would he put himself through this nightmare of going out with an ugly fat spoiled pig? I don’t think there is anybody who’d go out with you because of your personality or looks because the fact is you have neither

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