Kelly Osbourne: I Was One Of Bert McCracken’s Mistakes

Eddie Fournier of the Boston Globe caught up with Kelly Osbourne, who opened up about her failed romance with The Used frontman Bert McCracken.

Asked about the “rock romance,” Kelly says, “That was very weird … I think that’s what he wanted it to be, the ‘rock romance,’ but that’s not what I wanted it to be, if you know what I mean. I didn’t ever see it like that, and I think that was a big part of why it didn’t work out, because that’s not what I ever wanted it to be. Ever.”

As for whether it was tough to balance a relationship on top of everything they both had going on, Kelly responded, “And plus the fact that he’s 21 years old, comes from a town in the middle of nowhere, and all of his dreams are coming true. So he’s going to want to do whatever the hell he wants, and make his mistakes. I guess I was one of them.”

Kelly Osbourne Embarks On First Tour

Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald did a quick Q&A with Kelly Osbourne before she hit town last night for a show at Axis. Osbourne said of touring for the first time, “I’m really excited, I don’t think I’ll get nervous until I leave, but I’m really, really, really excited.”

Kelly Osbourne Insists She Wasn’t Booed At Claus-Fest

Kelly Osbourne brushed off talk that she was booed off the stage at Claus-Fest, the K-Rock holiday radio show at Nassau Coliseum where she performed between sets by Audioslave and Stone Sour. She defiantly told Rafer Guzmán of New York Newsday, “They never booed me. I didn’t want to do that show. It was old men that wanted to see Audioslave. That wasn’t my crowd.”

Kelly Osbourne Not Impressed With Peer’s Fashions

Kelly Osbourne offered her thoughts how today’s female pop stars all look alike to Next magazine. Osbourne said, “I’m telling you, everyone dresses the same! And I don’t understand where this look developed from. So fu**ing boring. Tight jeans or pants so low that your pubes or your crack are basically hanging out. Right now they like that see-through hippy shirt with the boobs sticking out.”

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