Kelly Osbourne Moans About Giving Christina Aguilera Publicity

MTV News spoke with Kelly Osbourne about progress on her second album, which sees her collaborating with Linda Perry, who also happened to team up with Osbourne’s arch rival, Christina Aguilera.

“I don’t even know why people care if I like [Christina] or not,” Kelly said. “She gets so much publicity because I said I didn’t like her that I wish I never said anything.” The album is due out later this year on Sanctuary Records.

A Glittering Night For Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne tells The New York Daily News she was excited to win a raffle at the Elton John/InStyle Oscar party, benefiting the pop star’s AIDS foundation. “I can’t believe I just won $25,000 worth of jewelry,” Osbourne exclaimed. “I just won a Cartier watch and some Chopard stuff. It was a $500 raffle ticket, and I just thought, what the hell, it all goes to charity.”

House Of No Booze Leaves Kelly Osbourne In The Blues

Kelly Osbourne lashed out at the manager at Sunset Strip’s House of Blues club after he refused to sell the underage singer a cocktail. “I hate America! I can’t get a fu**ing drink here,” the 19-year-old squealed. “In England, we start drinking at 16. Here, it’s 21! What is the big deal?”

When Slash of Guns N’ Roses offered to buy Kelly a drink, he was told he would be breaking the law. After that move, Kelly bolting for the exit, screaming: “I am never coming here again!”

Simon Cowell Faces The Music From Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne confronted ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell on her television show, and ‘Extra’ was there.

Sharon introduced Cowell saying, “My next guest thinks that my daughter is fat, not talented, that the Osbournes are over, and that my husband faked an accident to get a number one single.”

While apologizing for most of his remarks about the family, Cowell said of Kelly Osbourne: “I can’t call her cute.”

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10 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Moans About Giving Christina Aguilera Publicity

  1. popmaster167 says:

    well honey, that’s what happens, the media embellish, and you deliver, so what do you expect? lol, will this girl ever stop moaning?

  2. LibraGal says:

    Good Gawd…Someone really needs to knock some sense into Kelly and let her know that if she hadn’t mentioned Christina… just about nobody (ie. media) would give two craps about what she has to say. Her mentioning Christina is what gave and continues to give ‘her’ loads of publicity.

  3. sexypopfan says:

    God this girl is pathetic. She got more publicity out of it than anyone else….Christina didn’t even care enough to comment on the whiny fat *****.

  4. rachel says:

    Haha I am glad that dumb twit realized her mistake. Everyone else in the world knew this but the biatch herself. She dropped out of school, what do we expect.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Can she ever stop moaning and stop acting as if she’s the queen of the world? That’s the way the business goes, if she don’t like it, then maybe she should listen to her own advice and “shut up”.

  6. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    This WOMAN MAKES ME SICK! Does the pitiful HOG really believes the world gives a damn about her? The whole Osborn crap! is old!

  7. amielynn says:

    She just needs a friend!!! Thats a lot of all are problems in here!!! We need more friends so we can stop talking crap about people we don’t know!!! But then again that wouldn’t be any fun at all!!!! if we all got along who would want to come in here in the first place!!! Lets face it battles are fun!!!! if you don’t take them to far!!!!:)

  8. foxina says:

    Its her own fault for opening up her big mouth, and I do mean big. She needs to get over herself and quick though I don’t know if its humanly possible. She wouldn’t exist anywhere near the celebrity scene if it wasn’t for her screwed up father who took way to many sedatives with a bottle.

  9. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    WTF!? Christina does not need publicity. This is not an issue of not liking each other, its an issue for Kelly because (1.) She will never be as pretty as Christina (2.) She cannot sing and she is boring (3.) She has the worst attitude about everything. She is just jealous of Christina. And I would be extremely happy if Jack shot her with his paintball gun because her *****ing and moaning is a pain in the ass!

  10. Jaggie says:

    all Kelly Osbourne ever does is complain. What gets me is that she whines about other people being trashy and untalented, but she is one of the trashiest, most untalented people I have ever seen! And I watch American Idol!

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