Kelly Osbourne Phones Into TRL

A tired phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday where she premiered her new video for ‘Shut Up’ and confirmed that she spit on ’s Bentley. Osbourne admitted she hadn’t met Aguilera, but she’s been at the same parties she’s at and avoided her. She basically dislikes her because friends of hers who have worked with Christina have had bad things to say about her. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Justin timberlake “like I love you” at 3 it was 4 yesterday.
On the phone a number of our own mtv family miss Kelly Osbourne, everybody
hello kelly.

Kelly: Phoner: Hi.

Carson: How are you, where are you.

Kelly: Phoner: I’m home in bed.

Carson: Home in bed?! That’s ridiculous.

Kelly: Phoner: I know I’m supposed to be getting up doing

[Inaudible] Right now but I’m late.

Carson: You are blowing it off.

Kelly: Phoner: I am, I’m bad.

Carson: We are about to see “Shut Up” we are excited for you was it

Kelly: Phoner: It was much easier but then again everything is easier
the second time do you it it was so much fun instead of seeing someone
else’s song but it was something I wrote and put a lot into, it was really
fun. I always have fun on a video shoot.

Carson: I love the sort of ho maj to your dead the bite are of the chocolate
pet whose idea was this.

Kelly: Phoner: A bit of

[Inaudible] I guess I really, really didn’t want to do it I just thought
it was so cheesy but sort of makin’ fun of my father you know what I mean
it’s so funny.

Carson: It is funny kelly you really got to get out of bed.

Kelly: Phoner: I don’t want to.

Carson: Seriously you got to get your ass out of bed kelly you got to
do something your second video world premiering we are all excited and
you are sleeping.

Kelly: Phoner: Ha-ha.

Carson: What kind of rock star are you.

Kelly: Phoner: Not a very good one

Carson: Let pe ask you what was the deal with your mom and the rolling
stone article what did you do to christina aguilera’s bentley.

Kelly: Phoner: I spat on it.

Kelly: Carso: You spat on it?!

Kelly: Phoner: Yeah.

Carson: Why did you do that.

Kelly: Phoner: ‘Cause she’s not very nice.

Carson: ‘Cause she’s not very nice

Kelly: Phoner: No.

Carson: Have you run-in with her or.

Kelly: Phoner: — Who have so much and are so talented and treat people
with such disrespect and it was outside and I was like

[Inaudible] We were recording at the same studio and they gave me these
scooters to scoot around the studio on so I hocked several lugees on her

Carson: Are you sure it was her car.

Kelly: Phoner: Oh, yeah, it was her car.

Carson: All right. Kelly, kelly, kelly what the hell we gonna do with

Kelly: Phoner: I don’t know. Whatever she was rude.

Carson: If she was rude directly to you, then you have the right to
do whatever you’re gonna do, it’s your business

p phoner: Exactly.

Carson: It is kind of funny but.

Kelly: Phone love me but you are being politically correct.

Carson: No I’m not.

Kelly: Phoner: Yes, you are.

Carson: It is your business if you want to spit on her bentley, whatever
you’ll have to take it up with her there will be a cat-fight on the red
carpet sometime.

Kelly: Phoner: Actually

[Inaudible] I saw her the other night.

Kelly: Sarah: What.

Kelly: Phoner: I saw her the other night in L.A..

Carson: What did you say to her.

Kelly: Phoner: I have nothing to say to her it’s not my fault I don’t
like her.

Carson: Do you know her or even met her.

Kelly: Phoner: Like she — I’ve been in rooms where she has been probably
like 10 times and I worked with a lot of people who she has worked with

Carson: Kelly stop right there. You can’t go spitting on people’s cars
until she has been directly rude to you you have to say hi I’m Kelly Osbourne
she what.

Kelly: Phoner: She kicked my door in.

Carson: You are being childish.

Kelly: Phoner: I am a child.

Carson: That’s true. I don’t want to get in the middle I don’t care.
I’m glad to have your video though we’ll play for the world okay.

Kelly: Phoner: Okay.

Carson: You want to hang on the line.

Kelly: Phoner: Sure.

Carson: Be ex sided I’ming about to play your video.

Kelly: Phoner: I’m actually ex saited I’m just very tired.

Carson: Put your head onier pillow and we’ll all watch here is “Shut
Up” from Kelly Osbourne


Carson: All right there you have it that’s the trl premiere of Kelly
Osbourne “Shut Up” are y the line.

Kelly: Phoner: Yeah.

Carson: Was that chick actually playing drums.

Kelly: Phoner: Yeah, she is a rad, rad drummer.

Carson: Really good.

Kelly: Phoner: When she was like 17 she played in a one-man band like
a metal band the most amazing drummer I have seen.

Carson: Say li to jack and kiss your parents and you at home, you can
vote: See you soon when the album comes out come back and hang okay.

Kelly: Phoner: Okay.

Carson: Stop spitting on people’s cars.

Kelly: Phoner: Oh, Shut Up.

Carson: Okay.

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