Kelly Osbourne Takes Pot Shots At Christina Aguilera & Nick Carter

Kelly Osbourne hasn’t been too happy with Rolling Stone for their repeated naked women covers. “Christina Aguilera looks like Jay Leno in your last issue,” she told the mag. “It’s not as if she’s an ugly girl. If she wore less makeup, I think she would be pretty. But she looks like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister at all times. At least Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty. At least she didn’t look like a teenage boy that had a sex change.” Kelly doesn’t stop their, taking a shot at Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. “You know what I’ve noticed? Pop singers are trying to become rock singers,” she said. “Nick Carter is a bad parody of himself. He looks like the Saturday Night Live skit of himself. He’s turned rock and has a band now.”

Kelly Osbourne Isn’t Singing Love Songs On ‘Shut Up!’

Kelly Osbourne tells Mary Huhn of the New York Post that none of the songs on her debut ‘Shut Up!’ are about love. “The songs might have the word ‘boy’ or the word ‘crush’ in it but none of my songs are about that,” she says. Kelly says love songs are “ridiculous,” explaining, “If you’re Britney Spears or some 2-year-old pop singer, oh please, f– off.” But in general, she adds, “I’m not a sappy-song kind of person.”

Kelly Osbourne Explains Her Fashion Sense

The New York Post profiled the latest fashions sported by Kelly Osbourne, who has become a fashion icon for young women tired of having to measure up to meticulously styled, rail-thin actresses and pop tarts. The article has photos in the actual newspaper, but you’ll have to use your imagination for the online version, describing the items she wore and where she purchased them.

Kelly Osbourne’s ‘Shut Up’ Hair Is Real

Maria Menounos of Entertainment Tonight spoke with Kelly Osbourne about her debut album ‘Shut Up’, and the video of the same name. Asked about whether her hair in the video was real or a wig, Kelly said, “Everyone has been asking me if it’s a wig, but it’s my hair. My hair has been black for about three or four months, and I was looking at this book that I got in a vintage store in New York. It was a Vidal Sassoon hair-cutting guide from the ’60s and it had all these different style haircuts. So I took two different haircuts and put them together.”

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