Kelly Osbourne Visits ‘TRL’, Slags Christina Aguilera

visited ‘Total Request Live’ at MTV UK’s Leicester Square studios in London, England on May 10th. An Aguilera fan at LiveDaily reports that Osbourne referred to Christina as “it” and “that thing”, enraging posters, including one who disturbingly suggested, “Doesn’t she realize that she’ll be murdered by a Christina fan someday?!”

Pictures at have since been removed.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

PopJustice slammed Kelly Osbourne for her recent rant against former record label Sony, which the daughter of Ozzy has been blaming for her musical shift on her sophomore album. They write, “You talk about how you hate young female musicians playing at being rock, but that’s just what you did yourself before deciding you’d play at being electro while expecting people not to find it strange that your favorite London club is… The Cock? Electrogogo? Computer Blue? No. In the week that you release ‘One Word’, you announce that your favorite London club is The Barfly. Is it any wonder people find you so utterly unconvincing? And the strange thing, Kelly, is that when people dared criticize the music you now honestly admit was misguided and dreadful, you took the hypocritical step of throwing a sh**fit.”

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