Kelly Osbourne’s Crappy Weight Loss Secret

The Mirror reports Kelly Osbourne has revealed the secret behind her dramatic weight loss. “Forget all that healthy-eating bullsh**,” she told pals at a London club this week. “I have a thyroid problem which means I sh** all the time. My doctors want me to start taking steroids for it but fu** that. I don’t want to put all the weight back on again.”

Slimmed Down Kelly Osbourne Shops For Smaller Clothing

Kelly Osbourne was photographed shopping at Fred Segal and Ron Herman after having lost so much weight. The struggling singer wore a headband and sandals, which showed the tattoos on her feet.

Kelly Osbourne: I’m Loud, I Whine, But I’m Nice

The Sun reports Kelly Osbourne is trying to revise the impression people got of her on ‘The Osbournes’ as a tantrum-throwing teen. “People saw me as a whining little sh**,” the 21-year-old admitted. “And yes, I can be whining sometimes and yes, I have a big mouth, but I’m also a nice person.” She added, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but I just wish people would be fair when they criticize me.”

Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Pays Dividends

Kelly Osbourne tells Heat magazine that men have been flocking to her lately. “Lots of posh boys are keen,” she said, but she’s not interested, preferring the “bad boys.” Ozzy’s daughter added, “The good-looking boys only look at me now because I’ve lost so much weight – they would never have touched me before.”

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne’s Crappy Weight Loss Secret

  1. SE says:

    Unfortunately Kelly, thyroid problems do not cause you to go to the bathroom excessively, nor are they treated with steroids. Also, if left untreated, they can lead to huge health problems, even to the extreme point of being potentially fatal.

  2. Whatever says:

    This sounds so fu**ing fake.

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