Kelly Osbourne’s Loss Is Mandy Moore’s Gain

Mandy Moore and Kelly Osbourne are talking to Us Weekly as their weight fluctuates in the opposite direction. A slimmed down Kelly she’s been losing the flab because she “just moved out of my parents’ house, and my mother isn’t around to make me eat!” Meanwhile, a plumper Moore said, “I like the way I look. I’m proud of it. My body’s a little more womanly.”

Kelly Osbourne’s Rough Night In London

Kelly Osbourne looked much the worse for wear as she is helped into a car outside Boujis nightclub in South Kensington the other night. Arriving back at her hotel, Kelly could hardly walk, and had to grabbed by her minders as she stumbled over a step.

New MTV Show For Kelly Osbourne?

The Mirror reports that Kelly Osbourne has signed up for a fly on-the-wall MTV series that’ll follow her attempts to become a method actress. “Kelly’s great on camera and she’s also deadly serious about acting,” a source said. “So when it was suggested she let cameras follow her into some really bizarre situations she was bang up for it. She’s a bit nervous now that filming’s about to start but she knows she’ll meet interesting people along the way – especially the prostitutes.”

Kelly Osbourne Targets Sadie Frost & Kate Moss

The Mirror reports that Kelly Osbourne is slamming actress Sadie Frost and drug tarnished supermodel Kate Moss. “I’d rather eat my own sh** than be part of the Primrose Hill set,” Kelly said. “I think it’s disgusting what Sadie Frost and that lot get up to. They are like: ‘Let’s sleep with each other’s boyfriends and husbands, but let’s still be friends and go clubbing.'”

New Tattoo For Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne got a new tattoo across her back that says “I love my mommy” in French. “It has nipple cream on it so it doesn’t get infected,” she told Star magazine.

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