Kelly Osbourne’s Personal Contact Phobia

The Sun reports that to see throw up, you just have to place your hand on her collarbone – that’s the advice from brother Jack. He says she has a phobia about personal contact and advises, “All you have to do is just touch her collarbone. It’s awesome, she starts dry-retching.”

Goes Into MTV Rant As Fame Declines

had a temper tantrum of sorts during a recent interview with The Detroit News where she complained that the network that gave her fame now is reluctant to help her keep it. “MTV makes me sick to my stomach,” Kelly said. “Did you know they only play 35 videos a week? It’s so stupid. MTV used to be all about breaking new artists. Now, if you’re not in a rap group, if you’re not talking about ‘I fu**ed the cutest girl in school’ or if you’re not singing about skateboarding, you can’t get played.”

Kelly Osbourne Bummed Out By Lack Of Respect

Kelly Osbourne tells Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe that she’s frustrated with the lack of respect she’s being given as a singer. “It really bums me out that people don’t take me seriously just because my dad is Ozzy and I’m on a TV show,” she complained. “I deserve as much credit as the next person because I work just as hard.”

But don’t look for her to give up on music. “I’ll always make music, but I don’t care about a career,” she insisted. “I didn’t do any of this before last summer. I wrote poetry.”

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