Kelly Sweet On ‘Ashes Of My Paradise’ LP, Lead Single ‘My Amazing Grace’

Kelly Sweet close-up

talked about her new album ‘Ashes Of My Paradise’ in an interview with her JVC/Victor label. The singer songwriter talked about the message behind the album title, how ‘My Amazing Grace’ is centered around falling in love, and the message she had for her Japanese fans, given the album has been released only in Japan so far.

“‘Ashes Of My Paradise’ is a song about a relationship, and it really feels like to the main character in the song that the relationship is ending,” Kelly said about the follow-up to her 2007 debut album ‘We Are One’. “It was her dream relationship and her dream significant other, and she is begging him to reignite that flame in their relationship and really find a love again because it feels as though it’s been lost. I named the record after that song because it sort of has a double meaning for me anyway. The title ‘Ashes Of My Paradise’, other than being that song, also is a really cool contrast. The visual image of ashes, combined with the word paradise signifies for me regrowth. Something you thought was perfect has been burned to ash and you must build again. It’s sort of like you have to keep dreaming, keep reinventing, and this record is me reinventing.”

Talking about the album’s lead single, she said, “‘My Amazing Grace’ is about love and the process of falling in love. What it takes to get over your fears and get through all the trials and tribulations of just being in love and allowing yourself to let go. In the verses, the lion is a symbol of my own fear in my relationship, and I’m scared of multiple things like we all are in the beginning of relationships. In the chorus, I talk about that moment when everything fell away and only love existed, and it’s a miraculous moment.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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