Kelly Osbourne Vs. Christina Aguilera Enters Round 2

Looks like the war of words between Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osbourne isn’t done yet. Ozzy’s daughter was asked about the diva during an interview with Capital FM in London.

“It started because I’ve got a big mouth and I just stated an opinion and it got taken out of hand,” Kelly explained. “But nothing I’ve said about her has not been the absolute truth. I think that’s what bugs her and other people so much, because it is the truth, saying that she has a very beautiful voice but she ruins herself by dressing like a tramp and she has a really bad attitude.”

Asked about her response, Kelly said, “She hasn’t really said much, but she did come up to me in a club once and I really respected that because she told me to stop talking about her, and I thought ‘wow that was really cool’ and she stopped, and she’s recently started talking sh** about me again. And I think ‘Don’t waste your time’.”

Kelly Osbourne Says She’s Not As Heavy As Some Think

Sanjiv Bhattcharya of The Guardian spoke with Kelly Osbourne, and even though she likes to dish out insults, she manages to get some thrown her way as well. “I do get nasty things said about me,” she admits, “and it’s usually girls who fancy my boyfriend. They say stuff like, ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly, stay away from him,’ like I care what they think. But I’m not as big as people think. When ‘The Osbournes’ started, people sent me tons of free clothes, but they were all size 14 when I’m only a size 10. I don’t care, I give it all to my friends.”

Kelly Osbourne Goes On Ozzy-Style Bender

The Sunday Mirror reports Kelly Osbourne and boyfriend Bert McCracken of The Used went out on the London town on Wednesday night before going into an Ozzy-style bender that left her passed out drunk. Kelly was so drunk that she stopped breathing, and doctors were called to her hotel in the middle of the night to attend to her.

Kelly Osbourne Likes To Be ‘Cheap, Cheap, Cheap’

The Globe reports Kelly Osbourne admits to being a big bargain hunter. During a recent trip to Squaresville, a second hand clothing shop in Los Angeles, Ozzy’s kid spotted a pair of used designer pants that were marked $30. Kelly bartered with the manager and got them for $20. “My mom pays top dollar all the time.” she says. “But me, I like being cheap, cheap, cheap!”

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