Ken Seeley Of ‘Intervention’: Dr. Phil Is Showing His True Colors

A&E ‘Intervention’ host Ken Seeley spoke with Nancy Grace on Monday (January 7) about his feelings regarding Dr. Phil McGraw visiting over the weekend at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with the consent of Britney’s parents, but not the troubled pop tart herself. “You know, really, Nancy, it’s about ratings is what I’m seeing,” Seeley said. “And I think he’s showing his true colors. It’s just devastating to see. You know, I do the show, as you said, ‘Intervention’ on TV, but those family members know that it’s going to be aired on TV. It`s not like, you know, ‘I’m going to go in and find out your deepest darkest secrets,’ and then come on your show and talk about it. That’s just devastating and is so unacceptable. And I understand a lot of psychiatrists are also very devastated because of what happened there. This is breaking confidentiality, and I would love to see what your attorneys have to say about that.”

Also weighing in on the Britney drama with Nancy was family law attorney and child advocate Sudan Moss, who opined, “Well, when you’re too crazy for Dr. Phil, your chances of custody are nil. But the question was: why was he there? If he was there for treatment or for diagnosis, well, you got a big problem because he doesn’t seem to have privileges in that hospital. If he was just there to be a friend, well, apparently Britney doesn’t know him and didn’t invite him in. He shouldn’t have been there. And he really is opening him up – himself up to quite a lawsuit, especially on the new HIPAA standards.”

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