Keri Noble Blogs About Meeting Kelly Clarkson

talked about meeting at Mystic Lake Casino the other night on her blog at MySpace (@kerinobleartist) on Saturday (May 16). Noble wrote a song off the ‘American Idol’ season one winner’s new album ‘All I Ever Wanted’, the last track on the record, ‘If No One Will Listen’. The Minneapolis singer songwriter tells readers:

First of all, she’s really bubbly, lots of energy… and it’s all wrapped up in this teeny-tiny person. She’s really little. She said that after she heard my song for the first time, she decided to Google me. She’d never heard of me before. Then she was like, “You’ve been everywhere! How did I not know?” We laughed and talked a little more.

It was pretty quick, but ended with her saying, “If you’ve got any other songs, I’d love to hear them, maybe for my next record.” I wanted to say, “OF COURSE I have more songs!!!”, but decided to try and contain myself for the moment. (no need to frighten her on our first meeting)

We said goodbye, and Laurie and I took our seats for her performance.

Can I just say… the girl can SING! She did 8 songs, all the hits, and rocked every one of them. She didn’t miss a note. And the whole time, she was jumping around, giving people a great show. I was so in awe of her voice.

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