Keri Noble Blogs From An Undisclosed Location

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kerinobleartist) on Wednesday (January 13), overseas at an undisclosed location to perform for the troops. The Minneapolis singer songwriter tells readers:

Hey everybody. Greetings from… oops. I can’t tell you where I’m writing from. That’s just one of many important things for us to remember while we’re here. It’s totally intense and completely incredible at the same time.

We left Minneapolis Sunday night, and after a short layover in Amsterdam, continued on to… “here”. 17 hours of travel=a very long day. But, by the time we landed, adrenaline had kicked in and we were ready to begin the adventure. Every airport is basically the same, you’ve got your McDonald’s, Starbucks and Pizza Huts. So, even though we were in a completely unfamiliar part of the world, it still felt pretty normal.

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