Keri Noble Excited About Her New Album ‘When It Don’t Come Easy’

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kerinobleartist) on Thursday (August 5), discussing her visit to Japan, losing her kitty Pepper, recording her third album, and preparing for a big CD release concert. The Minneapolis singer songwriter tells readers:

Now THIS is what I’m most excited about. ‘When It Don’t Come Easy’ is my 3rd U.S. studio release. I wrote 12 of the 13 songs. The title track is a song by Patty Griffin. You might wonder why I titled it after the one song I didn’t write. Well, it’s really the only reason to sing someone else’s music to begin with… they said it better than I could. Most of you know, I’m a crazy fan of Patty Griffin. It’s because of her voice, and melodies, yes… but, mostly, it’s the words. And that song sums up so much for me. It sums up the process. It sums up the collection of songs that I wrote. It says it all.

I produced this record. It took me 2 years. It’s not necessarily as “commercial” sounding as other things. It’s not engineered to be full of radio hits. It’s honest. It’s as close to a live performance, full of emotion and artistry from an arsenal of talented and gifted musicians. It tells stories… simply. And… I think that you’re gonna love it. Because, for the first time in my career… I love it.

It comes out 21st. You can go to my website as that date approaches, and we’ll give you all the info on how you can get a copy.

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