Kerli Interview & ‘Walking On Air’ Performance

Kerli head shot is featured in Yahoo! Music’s ‘Who’s Next’, where the Estonian pop musician performed ‘Walking On Air’ and did an interview.

said growing up her parents didn’t listen to music, so she said that had made her a better artist, how ‘Love Is Dead’ and ‘Bulletproof’ were from a depressing time in her life, the false belief that she was formulated by a record label, looking forward to writing a “way more experimental” second album, and how she believes she’s found her place in the world.

“I always knew that I was going to be a singer,” said, “because that was my dream, was my out. I come from a little forest of 5,000 people, but I had a dream and I believed in myself and worked my ass off, and I just want to inspire people with my story and show that everybody can. Yeah, you can too.”

On her sound, Kerli said, “While growing up my parents didn’t listen to any music, so not having to hear a lot of music has made me a better artist. I never wanted to do anything that other people have done before. I always followed my intuition and just write how I feel.”

Video of the performance and interview at has since been removed.

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