Kerli Learns To Be Open To Everything

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kerlimusic) on Friday (November 21). The Estonian singer tells readers:

I have always been really stubborn about everything I do artistically. Completely refused to sing other peoples music and I used to end up getting into a huge fight with pretty much every stylist I worked with. Recording this first album was such a pain in the *ss too, because everything had to be right. I think we had like five different mixing guys before it sounded right and I was on the phone in Estonia telling that if it’s gonna sound like THIS, I’m not coming back to the US.

But lately some things have gotten more clear to me. I just fasted for five days to get rid of any kind of negative thought forms and it brought me so much clarity and free space filled with excitement and courage.

One of the best songwriters in the world sent me a track. It was good but it wasn’t my thing.

Normally I would have blocked it right a way and wouldn’t have even thought about demoing it. But something in me is different now so I just told myself that it would be absolutely ridiculous to not go and AT LEAST learn something. There is a reason someone has had 100 number one hits and I haven’t, u know:)

So I went there and just had fun and she happened to play me another song which was just what I was looking for. So the universe sent me exactly what I’d asked for and I just had to go with the flow and receive it.

I learned that It’s SO important to be open to everything and never block anything unless your gut really tells you to.

The Universe hears you and takes you to where u need and want to go but sometimes the road there is very different from what we imagine it should be. It’s rocky and uphill and then downhill and there are all these things happening that make no sense but at the end of the day they make all the sense in the world because they indicated or were a part of your bigger purpose. So from now on I have just decided to have fun with my life and stay really open. I might even sing other peoples music:)

I love u guys.
So much!


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