Kerli Proud Of Gaining Independence, Embarrassed About Her Negativity


updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kerlimusic) on Thursday (December 10), asking them what is the one thing they are the most proud of this year and the one thing they’re the most embarrassed of. Offering her own responses, the Estonian singer told readers:

I am proud of gaining my independence dealing with the music business and being able to put my foot down and not take any sh**. This is more than selling albums for me. This is what I live and breathe and I am absolutely not gonna have anyone who doesn’t feel the same way about it, work on it. Like I always say…I don’t want your pittyfu**, I want your whole existence. It’s all gonna come together… is coming together already.

What I am embarrassed of is my negativity. I find myself talking a lot of sh** and being overly critical about life and people.

And then I get very hurt when people talk sh** about me. So I guess It’s kind of stupid for me to preach the whole “what goes around, comes around” theory and not fully practice it. From now on, I promise to really make an effort to put myself in other peoples shoes before I pass any judgment whatsoever.

Now u…tell

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