Kesha Performs On ‘Sunrise’ And Lisa Origliasso Objects

Kesha Sebert performed her new single ‘We R Who We R’ on Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ morning show last week in Australia, and Brisbane native Lisa Origliasso of wasn’t impressed. “If this is what is selling records these days, I think I’d rather be a starving artist,” Lisa wrote to her Twitter followers (@Lisa_Veronica). Moments ago, Lisa followed up on the critique, Tweeting:

Listen up, it wasn’t about taking a direct hit at her. She’s just one of the puppets to the low standard of cheap/nasty pop the industry is shoving down the throats of the younger generation these days. The image she is representing is a new standard of low. It’s not even coming from an ARTISTIC standpoint. It’s all for shock value, money and self gratification. It’s selling fast food. Don’t kid yourselves guys, you are not ‘BUYING’ into an artist, you are buying into a machine. THAT’S all I was saying.

Seemed relatively tame at first blush, but watch Ke$ha’s performance at YouTube and judge for yourself.

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