Kesha Talks About Her Cult Themed ‘Die Young’ Music Video

Kesha shows off her dagger outfit on the set of her 'Die Young' music video

Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert is out with footage from the set of her Darren Craig directed ‘Die Young’ music video, where the American pop singer plays the role of a cult leader in Mexico. ‘Die Young’ is the first single from Kesha’s second studio album ‘Warrior’.

Describing the scene, Kesha said, “We just shot the scene where I get out of my evil Hearse and my cult followers bring their warrior goddess leader to our new place of worship. We’re going into the church to make it our lair.”

Talking about the music video theme, she said, “I wanted to come across like a cult, because I always say that me and my fans, and me and my family and me and my friends were all like a cult, rabid, wild misfits. I really wanted that to come across in this video.”

As the shoot was wrapping, Kesha confessed, “I’m filthy. It was like 19 hours of filth and grime and sweat and gross.”

Discussing about the process, Kesha said, “I love making music videos because the writing of the record and the singing and tweaking mixes, it’s such a long, involved process. It’s taken me a year to put out my record ‘Warrior’, so making a music video is making that all come to life.”

Watch the footage via VEVO below.

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2 thoughts on “Kesha Talks About Her Cult Themed ‘Die Young’ Music Video

  1. Jason says:

    She’s terrible

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love Ke$ha and her music. I love how she just does not give a sh**. But I hate how she is using the symbols especially the pentagram in such a violent music video. It set us pagans back a bit. Everyone already thinks its evil. Along with the saint peters cross. More people should know its meaning.

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