Kevin Federline Wants Britney Spears To Get Better

A Kevin Federline friend tells People magazine that the 29-year-old is “worried” about ex-wife but believes the troubled pop tart’s stay at a psychiatric hospital is the best thing for her. “Kevin legitimately wants Britney to get better,” the pal said. “He wants her to be in their sons’ lives. He wants them to have a loving relationship. He wants her to get healthy so she can be the mother they need and deserve.”

Meanwhile, People hears that before her visit to the UCLA Medical Center, Britney hadn’t gotten any sleep for three days. “No one thought this would happen this soon, but it was clear if she stayed up for more than three days she’d have to get sent, since that could cause real damage,” a source told the mag. “The last time she slept was Saturday.”

The source added that Britney’s mood the second time around is much better than her brief stint at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. “She’s more comfortable this time, she came into the waiting area, had a cigarette, made a joke about being there again,” the source said. “But who knows what will happen. All we can hope for is that she gets better.”

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