Kevin Reveals Backstreet Fans’ Worst Moment

star was a guest on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday for their TRL Awards, where the group picked up the TRL Sneak Attack Award for their surprise appearance on a previous show. Kevin said he’s most proud that the group will soon have been together for 10 years, and cited a negative story when asked about whether a fan has ever done anything to surprise him. Richardson spoke of an incident in Germany were fans caused $500,000 worth of damage when they appeared on ‘Viva’. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: All right. Okay. The trl viewers have pronounced all righty
and the winner is, let me see, all right the backstreet boys


Carson: Here to accept the award is Kevin richardson.


Carson: Congratulations. Say a few words to everybody


Kevin: I gladly accept this award on behalf of my group-mates Brian,
Nick, A.J. And Howie


Kevin: And I thank MTV and I thank TRL and I thank our fans all over
the world because you rock!


Kevin: You are the greatest fans in the world. And, uh, what a beautiful
day a winter wonderland would you mind if I invited two people up from
down there.

Carson: Absolutely not.

Carson: Help yourself.


Britney: Yeah, go ahead.


Carson: Who are you inviting up?

Kevin: Let’s see

Carson: They will be thrilled to be out of the cold i tell you that.

Kevin: How about the girl in the sling right there, the girl in the

Carson: We’ll get her.

Kevin: The pink hat and the

Carson: All right we’ll get them. Very nice of you. They are come sdog
up here right fast just a couple quick things with kevin.


Carson: Britney come on in here, too.

Britney: All right. I’m here.

Carson: Backstreet boys have accomplished so much individually and certainly
many things as well when you look back and here you are pinnacle, i mean
now winning the sneak attack award on trl


Carson: What is something you are the most proud of when you look back,
all the times you’ve been all around the world?

Kevin: Uhm, I think the fact that in April we will have been together
for 10 years, that’s a pretty cool accomplishment


Kevin: Uhm, that’s pretty amazing. The fact we’ve stayed together that

Carson: You’ve surprised your fans. Has anything a fan ever done sort
of surprised you?

Kevin: Uhm, Britney do you remember being in germany you know the show
“viva” in germany.

Britney: Yeah.

Kevin: They have a live show sort of like. This we showed up for the
very first time and our fans, uh, did a half million dollars worth of damage
to their studio and the parking lot and the cars all in the area and we
were driving out on the bus, a fan was hangin’ off of our rear-view mirror
on the bus and they were on top of mercedes benz jumpin’ up on down on
these convertibles and that was pretty incredible. A pretty shocking —

Carson: Who paid the half million bucks?

Kevin: The studio had to.

Carson: That’s horrible.

Kevin: They didn’t have us back anymore. They didn’t advertise we were
comin’ back anymore kinds of like what happens in times square except a
bigger scare.

Carson: More peaceful here we would like to thank congratulations on
the award and thank you for coming to get it.

Carson: We need subtitles next time he comes in. Welcome live to new
york Britney Spears and kevin richardson from the backstreet boys. Britney
i know you have a question for kevin so let her rip.

Britney: “Chicago” is having this this huge revival right yeah, seriously
what is the difference being in theater and performing with the backstreet
boys, like what’s the difference?

Kevin: Well, obviously dialogue, hi to memorize a lot of dialogue for
the show and being on your toes every night so you don’t forget the dialogue
and slip into a black hole and be like:

Britney: Has that happened yet.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Britney: Did you screw up.

Kevin: The other night i had 3 weeks. The first night i was worried
it would happen and didn’t. Three weeks of everything goin’ good then I’m
out on the stage I’m supposed to say hey I’m under a lot of pressure here
she’s having for christ’s sake and i go, headache!


Kevin: My cast member Caroline totally jumped on it saw the deer in
the headlights look in my eye and rescued me but that’s live theater, man
that’s the challenge.

Carson: The nervous energy.

Carson: We have — do you have — you want to hook up.

Kevin: Exactly. We brought these people up out of the blizzard and I
wanted to invite you to be my guests tonight to see “Chicago” on Broadway,


Carson: How is that, ladies.

Carson: Where are you from.

Carson: Where are you from.

Fan: Maine.

Carson: And this is your mother what’s your name.

Kevin: Casey.

Carson: And?

Kevin: Beth.

Kevin: You are coming to the show tonight and I hope you have a good

Carson: Very generous of kevin richardson maybe and maybe he will sign
your sling later.

Kevin: For sure.

Carson: Yeah.

Carson: We’ll work that out in new york check it out on broadway and
see kevin in “Chicago” wonderful. Always good to see you too, man. Congratulations
on your production.

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