Kevin Richardson Clarifies & Adds to MuchMusic Comments

The Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson added to his controversial comments regarding the horrific terrorist acts against the United States last week when he earlier spoke of arrogance in the United States and how war would help the economy. Read on for his full comments.

Kevin’s Response to Fans’ Reactions to Much Music Interview

I’d like to thank you all for your love and support you’ve shown our crew and fellow Americans who have suffered a devastating tragedy the last few days. I hope you know that our thoughts and prayers are also with your families and we hope you are safe and well.

I want to just take a minute to clarify my views that I shared in a recent interview on Much Music. It’s been brought to my attention that my comments have been misunderstood and I just want to make sure that you all realize where I’m coming from. I thought putting it in my own words would be best.

When I said that I think our nation is a bit arrogant, what I meant is that as a world Super Power, I think we’ve become overconfident and taken our opportunities and freedom for granted. I feel like we’ve taken on the attitude that we, as a country, are untouchable. How did we get that way?

I wholeheartedly appreciate the freedom and opportunity we have in the United States. But I think this is a wake up call for us all to take notice that these freedoms are not a given. How many of us have watched the news coverage of terrorism going on in other countries and said, “Oh, how sad,” and then just turned the channel? Have we mourned their losses the way they’re mourning with us now? I don’t know.

I also commented on how war is good for the economy. History shows us time and time again that wars do boost economics. But my comment was sarcastic. It bothers me that something as destructive and terrible as war can help build our prosperity.

I don’t apologize for my comments, but I am sorry my thoughts were incomplete. I didn’t intend for them to come across as insensitive. I know how far-reaching this event is. Almost all of us know someone who was directly affected by this disaster. And nobody – nobody – will walk away from this experience unchanged.

Regarding the attacks on my patriotism, I believe there are so many other more important things to think about right now, that I don’t even want to respond to it. But out of respect for you, I will respond to it just so you-re clear about how I feel. It frustrates me that people think that I hate our government. I don’t hate anything, I just have strong beliefs for a number of issues and policies and I believe it’s important that we always ask questions about the policies that affect us. My dad was a serviceman in the U.S. Army and I myself was enlisted in the Air Force before joining the Backstreet Boys. And so it hurts me that people would think I would betray the American values that were taught to me by my father. I know that we need to defend our freedom and way of life. But I also know that nobody ever really wants war.

Thank you for hearing me out. I hope we can all continue to support one another and be strong for each other. I hope that all our families and friends and neighbors will remain safe and free.

And I pray that God walks with our leaders and our allies so they make the right decisions for our safety, our future — for our world.

In Peace,

Kevin Richardson


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