Kevin Richardson Draws O-Town’s Erik To ‘Chicago’

That’sforyoutofindout at the Backstreet Boys Efanguide forums says, “I recently went to see Kevin in the play Chicago and it was the best. I have to give it up to Kev cause he was really good. Never knew he could sing like that. Being that this was my first play I have ever gone to I thought I wouldn’t like it but I walk out not disappointed. Plus at the end of the night I got to meet Kev. I also met Erik from and I have to say both of them are so sweet. I also got an autogragh and a hug from both of them so that was my high light of the night lol! And if any Road Rules fans out there I also met Shane (he was also there). Forgot what season he is from but he on the recent one that’s on now that’s called battle of the sexes.”

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