Kevin Richardson Has The Ugliest Mohawk Ever Displayed has photos of and his wife Kristin at the Vanity Fair Bebe EMA ‘Rock the Casbah’ Party in Hollywood on Monday. The bushy browed star has shaved most of his head, but left a clump running down the center. A sort of crewcut-mohawk hybrid. Fans on message boards everywhere are laughing. It isn’t pretty. Check it out here.

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3 thoughts on “Kevin Richardson Has The Ugliest Mohawk Ever Displayed

  1. EndIsNear says:

    Has The Ugliest Mohawk Ever Displayed’, ‘WTF?

    How you dare insulting Kevin?

    Who do you think you are, are all so dumb to not understand that he had that haircut to have fun?

    If you think that Richardson is ugly you all need help.

    Why don’t you take a good look around, the world is full of ugly faces, including all of you.

  2. BuffyFan says:

    Kevin looks awesome! A little bit freaky but it’s cool that he’s having fun with his hair. It’s not like it’s permanent!

  3. JustinsGirl44 says:

    i know this is gonna sound dumb but I’m not trying to but here it goes:
    why would u pull a publicity stunt like what would it do for them it just gives more ?’s!

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