Kevin Richardson Hosts TRL

Kevin Richardson hosted MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday where he opened by playing an April Fool’s joke saying the had broken up. He did address talk of Nick wanting to do a solo album as well as what they are planning for AJ’s bachelor party. Kevin also interviewed Tweet and actress Ashley Judd. Read on for a transcript.

Kevin: Everything you wanted to know about in this case, Howie, A.J.,
— Just ask and we’ll do that later on. Before we get started, though,
I want to take a minute to clear up some things. There’s been a lot of
rumors going around about backstreet and our future and what’s going on.
Since I’m hosting today, the rest of the guys thought it would be a good
idea while i was on here i cleared up all those rum mores and allegations.
Uhm, as of today, the fellas and i will no longer be performing together
(voice breaking)) uhm, so, i just wanted to let you guys know that today,
uhm but we’ll still have a great show. As you can — as you can see, i
have a new haircut.. I’m joining a punk rock band and nick doing a solo album
and, uh, we’ll get into that a bit later.


Kevin: Uhm, so i was just messin’ with you guys, April Fools. ‘Sorry
I’m just playin’. Just playin’. ‘Hope everybody had a blessed and lovely Easter weekend. Happy holidays. Spring has sprung. We’ll have a good time today. Let’s get back into it.

During news with John Norris:

John: I got to tell you you had me going there at the top of the show.
I was like, whoaa, we missed an MTV news exclusive and he will give the
news away. I’m glad to hear —

John: You got me. I got a question, did you guys ever have like a bus-load of fans organized following you around from like town to town?

Kevin: Not organized. They did it on their own like a tailgate party
and it is incredible. By the way, our fans rock!

Tweet interview:

Kevin: Right now I’ll introduce my first guest, her new album “Southern Hummingbird” comes out tomorrow. Please give it up for tweet!

Tweet: hi!

Kevin: Welcome.

Tweet: Thank you. Thanks for havin’ me.

Kevin: How are you do’?

Tweet: I’m excited.

Kevin: How does it feel?

Tweet: Great.

Kevin: Good to have you here thanks for stoppin’ by. I got a little
question for you.

Tweet: Okay.

Kevin: Now your video is doin’ really well, at 10 today.

Tweet: Yeah!

Kevin: You got anything special to say to your fans that voted for it?

Tweet: Oh, god, i just want to say thanks to everybody that voted, you know, continue to vote. I love you! Thank you so much. I really appreciate
it. Yeah! ‘Love you!’

Kevin: Your debut album “Southern Hummingbird” comes out —

Tweet: Tomorrow, yes

Kevin: I know before our albums hit stores I get nervous. Are you?

Tweet: I’m more nervous but more excited like Christmas is coming tomorrow and the gift i never got is coming tomorrow I’m excited, more excited than nervous.

Kevin: I can feel you very much.

Tweet: Thank you.

Kevin: I heard you say you are indebted to Missy Elliott. Tell us about
her and her role in your career and your music.

Tweet: Wow. First of all she’s my guardian angel. Hi, Missy, love you,

Kevin: She is dope.

Tweet: She is. Back in 1994 you know I joined this group where I met
everybody and I was in that group from ’94 to 2000 and I had lost contact
with Missy and Tim but from 2000 quitin’ the group I started contemplating
suicide. I went through that many years without being successful and Missy
called me in the middle of the night you know around the time I was contemplating
and said I need you come do these background vocals for my album so I did
and I was playin’ one of my songs upstairs in the room and she was like
I didn’t know you knew how to do this. I call her my guardian angel because
she called me at the time –.

Kevin: That call came from God.

Tweet: From God, nothin’ but God, that’s right

Kevin: you’ll hang around some more.

Tweet: Yes.

..after video

Kevin: all right. Now let’s talk about the music on the album. Now,
the first video for “Oops, Oh, My” what was it like shootin’ that. I know
my first time i was like, okay whatever you want me to do, so nervous i
didn’t know what i was doin’, so ….

Tweet: First of all Cam’ron who directed this came up with this brilliant
idea for being an ice house and as I perform everything is meltin’ and
my best friend Missy is in it and it was excitin’ to do my first video
for my song and i was jumpin’ for joy.

Kevin: Your first video is bangin’. It is hot.

Tweet: Thank you.

Kevin: Y’all give it up for Tweet. Thank you for stoppin’ by.

Fan: Thank you. I’m gonna cry. I was just wondering what are you and the other boys planning for AJ’s bachelor party since he recently got engaged?

Kevin: That’s a good question. Actually, we were talkin’ about it, we
are in the studio right now so we were talkin’ about it while we were in the studio and I think we are going to take a golfing trip. Doesn’t sound that exciting, you know, but as you know we are tryin’ to get AJ into any more — any trouble, trying to keep it on the — so i think AJ wants to take a golfing trip so that’s what we are gonna do.

Phoner: Yeah. My question was, though, knowin’ that you and Brian are married and AJ is about to become married, which one of you guys will be
a father first, which one would you think?

Kevin: well, I — I mean, that’s up in the air. Brian and I don’t wanna
have children until we can be there and spend more time and not tour so
much and we still have things we wanna accomplish as a group and we still
do want to do records and tours so it might be a couple years, so — I
don’t know. We’ll have to see what happens.

Ashley Judd interview:

Kevin: She’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman, gorgeous, talented, smart and she’s from my home state of Kentucky y’all give it up Ashley
Judd is here.

Ashley: she’s wearing Carolina blue but she’s awfully cute.

Kevin: I know. I know she’s all right.

Ashley: So, what, this audience is 8% female?

Kevin: I think so.

Ashley: How does that happen?

Kevin: I’m not sure i’m a lucky guy today. I don’t know if everybody
knows this but me and Ashley are from Kentucky. And, uh, Kentucky is representin’
today. How you feelin’ about the N.C.A.A. Tournament?

Ashley: It’s like which excuse — which page from the we got booted
out of the tournament excuse do you want to cite. We’ll root for the Hoosiers
’cause they knocked off Duke which is very important.

Kevin: I’m very proud of them for doin’ that, i’m glad we did that.

Ashley: And of course we smacked Indiana around early in the season
so that’s good.

Kevin: True.

Ashley: Or are we going to root for Maryland, because they knocked us out of the “sweet 16”.

Kevin: I think i will because they beat us and if we get beat by the
champions that makes us look good.

Ashley: You know what, though, Kentucky always looks good.

Kevin: Exactly.

Ashley: It is all matters of degree.

Kevin: We got so much more comin’ up but right now we’ll talk with Ashley a bit later. Do me a favor and check out today’s close calls:

Kevin: Welcome back to trl in Times Square. Ashley Judd is here, her
movie “High Crimes” opens this Friday.

Ashley: This happens everywhere you go?

Kevin: Sometimes. So your movie “High Crimes” in a nutshell.

Ashley: In a nutshell?

Kevin: Who do you play and what’s it all about?

Ashley: I get to play this amazing character because, in my opinion
she’s just a normal, well-rounded American modern woman. I am a lawyer,
I’m kinda bossy, very successful at that, have a husband with whom I’m
madly in love trying to start a family so I don’t have to choose between
those. I think our generation we’ve gotten past that conflict unfortunately
my husband has a little secret and we actually find out I think in the
clip you are gonna show and all heck breaks loose.

Kevin: That was a hit from — clip from “High Crimes”.

Ashley: Amanda Peete, who is very . You do not get to see any of me
but maybe some of her, very enticing.

Kevin: I know that opens this Friday. Man, you cherry creekin’. She’s
crackin’ me up, y’all.

Ashley: They don’t want to hear about Morgan Freeman but Amanda.

Kevin: Made me lose my composure up here, all right


Ashley: time for a commercial, we’ll be right back.

Kevin: Let’s hit your no. 4 video then we’ll have Ashley do the 15-second trailer,

Kevin: Now it is time to put Ashley Judd through the 15-second trailer..  have you seen this done?

Ashley: I tried it once and failed miserably, ha-ha.

Kevin: You’ve got 15 seconds.

Ashley: Okay.

Kevin: To get as much out about this movie and promo it as you can.
Are you ready?

Ashley: Sorta.

Kevin: 15 seconds ready? We got — all right here we go… on your mark,
get set go.

Ashley: Very successful lawyer I can boss all of you around very well
[kissing noises] love my husband, F.B.I. Arrests us we get taken down and
then and then I need a military lawyer to help me ’cause i don’t know military
law and I find Morgan Freeman who is a lousy drunk and he helps us out.


Kevin: good. Thank you so much for stoppin’ by.

Kevin: go wildcats.

Ashley: Go wildcats.


Brad Pitt plea:

As host of TRL today i’m doing my part to get the guest — to get the
guest, you guys voted Brad Pitt, no. 1. to be a guest on TRL. I’ve got
a proposal, I’ve got something to offer you, Brad. If you can make room
in your schedule for a TRL appearance, I will make you an honorary member
of Backstreet.

Fan question:

Fan: uhm, I’m a really big fan of yours, especially in Nick’s case and
I wanted to know if he has a solo album coming out anytime in the future
and, if so, what kind of music is gonna be on it and if you can tell us
about it.

Kevin: That’s a very good question. In this case does want to, he as
aspirations to do a solo record and has been writing and recording for
that as we have been writing and recording for our new album. We don’t
know whether we’re gonna put his out first or whether we’re gonna put ours
out first we want to do what’s good for everybody so that’s a timing issue
so i do know he wants to go, I mean he’s always — always been a big rock
fan and one of his favorite groups right now is System of a Down.. and,
uh, but, I mean, I don’t think he’s gonna go that heavy, that hard. He’s
always been influenced by rock so that might be a direction, so, yeah …

Kevin meets his school teachers:

Kevin: Just in case you are just joining us outside in Times Square
were two of my teachers, my freshman year in high school. Now, uhm, can
you tell these people what kind of student i was? — Without gettin’ into
too much detail?

Teacher: I was Kevin’s math teacher when he was a freshman in high school and he was a good math student but music was his first love.

Kevin: That was great. Thank you. Now, I have been using math in my
— in my travels and in this career we’re using math a lot right now with
auditing our record company — in i’m just playin’, just a joke I’m just
playin’. Everybody at the record company, Jive we love you, I’m just playin’
don’t get angry. I appreciate you comin’ down such an ironic experience
to see people from my home town. Good to see you, makes me feel more comfortable.


Kevin: We want to thank Tweet and Ashley Judd for comin’ by, A special
celebrity host — special celebrity host week is just getting started.
Tomorrow, Ja Rule is the host. Ashanti performs and a No Doubt premiere.
Wednesday, P. Diddy will be in the house, Alien Ant Farm stops by and Tara
Reid and Ryan Reynolds co-host and Lil’ Bow Wow will perform Thursday.
Friday hosts and we’ll spin a premiere. ‘Might as well
not leave your house. It will be a great week. I want to thank you for
watchin’, thank everybody, and say hi to my mom and family in Kentucky
and all my friends and my wife, I love you and it’s been great. April fool’s
day. Happy spring ‘love ya peace.

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