Kevin Richardson Will Be On Monday’s ‘Fear Factor’

Contributed Anonymously:

of the will show off his Spider-man techniques on NBC’s Fear Factor on Monday (3/11) at 8 pm.A picture of one of his stunts at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Kevin Richardson Will Be On Monday’s ‘Fear Factor’

  1. EndIsNear says:

    Handsome, talented and brave, Richardson is the perfect human being!

  2. PopMusicFan says:

    He looks quite brave. He seems like the type to do well in this type of competition. He looks strong too. I can’t wait to see this.

  3. AJsGirl4Life says:

    I can’t wait to see this!! He’s just so freakin beautiful and strong…both mentally and physically! He’s going to do great! KTBPA!

  4. Syndney says:

    The picture just says it all. Wow. Oh wait I forgot they are old now. lol.

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