Kevin Rudolf Talks About ‘To The Sky’

Kevin Rudolf talks about collaborating with Lil Wayne in the studio just released his second album ‘To The Sky’ earlier this week. The Cash Money singer is joined on the album with appearances from Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, and Baby.

“Wayne was recording about a year ago and asked for some beats,” Kevin said about the Lil Wayne collaboration. “So I just whipped up something really quick and I sent him this record. Wayne got on it and sent me back the next day these verses. It was like 6 minutes. It was ridiculous. It was some of the best Wayne I’d ever heard. It was incredible. So I build the record around that. I already had the hook and he came up with the ‘Spit in Your Face’, and it came time to make a track list for my album, so I asked Wayne and he said yeah man, use it. To me that was a great gift. One of my favorite records. I’ve been wanting people to really hear this song for so long. I know it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Check out behind-the-scenes footage where he talks about the album process, living in Los Angeles, keeping a Flo-Rida song for himself, working with Lil Wayne on ‘Spit in Your Face’ and more.

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