Kevin Says Backstreet Boys Want To Do A Christmas Album

Contributed by elgato:

Backstreet Boys star did an interview with recently and discussed ‘Chicago,’ American versus British audiences, his Kentucky music school, fans who strip for him, and the Backstreet Boys. On the group, Kevin said, “We would love to record another record. We owe it to ourselves and our fans. We’ve never done a Christmas album yet, which is something we’d love to do. But we want to do another original LP. Right now it’s just that Brian (Littrell)… and his wife are enjoying being parents, Nick (Carter)’s putting a record together, Howie (Dorough)’s gonna do a Latin record, Brian may do a gospel record. But we’ve all enjoyed a lot of success together. We’ve been in each other’s faces for 11 years now.” The Christmas he hinted at is probably directed at next Christmas and not this one, seeing as how they’re all doing their solo albums this year. Read more.

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5 thoughts on “Kevin Says Backstreet Boys Want To Do A Christmas Album

  1. Stallion says:

    Please don’t let the Backstreet Boys do a Christina Album they will ruin classic Christina song. We all know they can’t sing worth SH!T. I’m glad these losers career are OVER!!!. I don’t know why they are going to bother making a Christmas album it is probably going to flop like Nick Carter AWFUL CRAPPY debut album now or never.

  2. elgato says:

    Nobody would want to sing a Christina song. she’s nothing but a Mariah wannabe. and we all know Stalliwhore will be first in line to buy BSB’s albums. just like she’s first in line to post about BSB. and BSB have sold 3x NSYNC, and have 2x as many Grammy nods. so as far as who’s better, the people have spoken. deal with it.

  3. FaustoAguilera says:

    Oh please how many times in the past 3 years have we heard that the BSB are making another album!? Why don’t you just realize that they are OVER and will never release another album. Even if they did it will FLOP just like their greatest hits album.

  4. Smile says:

    The greatest hits album sold around 900,000 the first week in the U.S. A lot more was sold world-wide which is great considering most fans already had the songs. That was released TWO years ago. Not three. It normally takes around a year or so to release and record an album. So they’ve taken a year off normal? Give me a break. It’s not that long people. Seriously. I don’t like being rude but I’d love to know where people are getting their information and what are thinking because it makes no sense.

  5. GoingUnderr says:

    LMAO!! BSB are so over, Gosh!! Elgato was still hugging his pillow, wishing for BSB to record a CD and when he heard this, he got excited (hmm literally). My tomato then, got his barbie purse ready to buy BSB’s products but when he finds out he will be shattered like when Nick turned him down.. aww poor baby

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